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Ride Report 17

29th April - Beach Road

A nice ride down to Mordy with a few special guests.
Votes :
3 – David Olle – the pain caused by the plum donut was something to behold
2 – K.T. – riding outside his cave is unusual, riding with ape-like hair is also unusual
1 – Tim – the all-round athlete back from his extreme climbing is always fit.

22nd April - Beach Road

17th April
14-4-17 Being Religious

Good Friday ride to Black Rock with the other religious fanatics.  As usual on Beach Road, it was fast.
Votes :
3 Votes – Fizza – for the Good Friday stories including farmers and being chock-a-block
2 Votes – Mr. Wonderful – white arm warmers = votes
1 Vote – The Mayor – should be at the hospital but decided riding was more important

1-4-17 Keilor Hangover

Small crew for a short one around Keilor. Hangovers were an issue.
Votes :
3 Votes – KY – Ash Grunwald induced hangover
2 Votes – Vista – never out of form
1 Vote – The Mayor – assumed wrongly that he was the only one who can ride with a hangover
1 Vote – Gregor – the hardest fragile man

25-3-17 Stevie-O Territory

Back to The Boulevard, 3 laps, no tacks, No Yarra for some!
KY finished it off in traditional style with 3 strong aperol spritz’s at The Captains who is itching to be back on one of his 11 Wiliers.
Votes :
3 Votes Gregor – he has his reasons and excuses, but no Yarra when everyone else is doing = full votes
2 Votes Stevie-O – had to be held back regularly due his his ‘golf ball’ like knicks.
1 Vote Chrisso – no patented wave of the arm, nearly put the white flag up, but impressed with his $16.95 Alibaba top.

18-3-17 Sunbury & Wildwood

A beautiful ride to Fizza’s old breeding ground Sunbury for KY, Fizza, J-Cat & The Mayor.
Votes :
3 – Fizza – for some reason suffered to the extreme. He is normally a racehorse, so a spell is required.
2 – The Mayor – thin, strong, a machine
1 – J-Cat – outright refusal of Colleen’s salad rolls. An outrage!

4-3-17 The Other Beach Road

An absolute magnificent morning for riding. No need to ride at +35kmh on the other Beach Road, it was cruise time for a leisurely 133 km around the West.
Less testoserone, less Rapha, less MAAP, less Black Sheep = more enjoyment.
Votes :
3 – Vista – no training, 80 km, too easy for this elite athlete
2 – Gregor – dodgy back, just wanted to smash us, but he is a gentleman. he is back!
1 – Mr. Wonderful – punctured close to home. The new rule, if you don’t change your own puncture, you get votes!

11-2-17 The Mordy Why? Ride

A crew of 10 meant it was like old times. The return of The Mayor, Hair Force One and Stevie-O added to the pace.
Again, Beach Road was mental, it will finish one of us off one day. Ugly memories of Stevie Bridges and the Flemington crew! 
KT & Rob headed to Sorrento with KT crapping his pants thinking about riding up Arthurs Seat with Rob.
Votes :
3 – Hair Force One – a puncture, no tubes to fit his ridiculous carbon rims, meant a walk of shame to Swift cycles, plus the fact he crashed = full votes
2 – The Mayor – the new lightweight model was reluctant to go to Mordy as he is just coming back from injury, but he farkin’ smashed it in the fast crew!
1 – KT – as scared as we have ever seen him. Confirmed he is not measuring his rice, and also confirmed he is one of the great indoor trainers.

4-2-17 The Mordy Regroup

A nice crew for the reformation of Team C-Nut.

Standard fair on the way to Mordy, although the speed was generally quick. Mayhem as usual with ambulances and some dangerous car activity.
Votes :
3 – Joe – no invite back to his new pool is full votes
2 – J-Cat – just winds it up on the front until you nearly burst!
1 – Chrisso – full lock, somehow avoided total mayhem doing 40kmh, then 0 kmh. 

29-1-17 The Sinister Seventeen

KY & Grant Eddo from Anglesea teamed up with the crack local crew from Anglesea for the first Sinister 17 around the hills of Anglesea, Torquay and the surfcoast.
It consisted of 17 short & sharp hills, and some very rough off road that shattered one and all.
A great 102km ride!
Votes :
3 – Grant Eddo – its’s all your fault, bike will never be the same, body will never be the same.
3 – KY – was scared, very scared when he saw the local team, somehow completed it!

14-1-17 Crack a Vic

Monumental effort by the Victorians to actually get there, and once again, although the records don’t show it, smash the Crow-eaters once again.

A big thanks to our fearless leader Ryno, and to all the others for making us feel so welcome.
3 – Ryno – he knows, we know, for those that weren’t there will never know
2 – J-Cat – inspired driving to Adelaide. 16 hour trip, Subaru broke down, didn’t go mental!
1 – For all the other Vics that competed including the draftees – Mr & Mrs Archie, KY, Macca, Heardy & Trav.