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Ride Report 15

20-6-15 Williamstown

13-6-15 Mordy

22-3-15 Melbourne Ironman

Macedon 21-3-15


Ride of 14 & 15 March

While one person in particular was frothing at the sight of GP cars, others ventured to the hills – again.
Local Melbourne strongmen KT & Rob would have no doubt sorted out The Captain, Piffy and The Mayor through the Macedon Ranges.
Votes :
3 – Joe – for the call, “one beer, one water” during the Grand Prix
2 – Grant – great work on the route for the Filthy Fifteen. A ride not to be missed….unless a legitimate excuse can be made.
1 – KT – evidently fuelled by some hormone muesli that has somehow changed his belief in having fun.

Ride Report of 28-2-15

It was about time we got back to the Dandys to be entertained by Brendo once again.
The Captain, The Mayor, Archie, Mrs Archie were lead around a few hills by Brendo.
Votes :
3 votes – Brendo – agrued with locals, argued with Archie’s mates, all while wearing Koala ears.
2 votes – Archie – 160kms, 3700m vert, fluro attire, enough said
1 vote – Mrs Archie – put most of us to shame on a beautiful but with very old technology, mid 80’s bike. Watch out if she gets a new carbon, and wears fluro!

31-1-14 Mordialloc

A relaxing ride for some to Mordy with Vista.Piffy,  Pauly, J-Cat, The Captain & KY.
Votes :
3 – Vista – was not relaxing for him. Was so rooted could only stomach one fried dim sim.
2 – The Captain – multiple dim sim intake.
1 – Pauly – out of his natural habitat, but yes, it is enjoyable.

26-12-14 Sanctuary Lakes

While the rest oif the world were recovering, Wiz & KY ventured to the west for a lazy 80 kms. A little wet, a little slow, but good Ironman training-not!
Votes :
3 – KY – because he is due for a BOG
3 – Wiz –  from the Gold Coast to Yarraville. Unflustered but a little scared.