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Day One : Anglesea – Kennet River – Anglesea 106kms (96 For The Mayor, 76 for Ryno) 

Teamcnut riders : KY, Pauly, Livio, Jason E & The Mayor
Rooters : Craig, Julie, Kathy and James
Free Agent : Ryno
Highlight or lowlights (whatever) :

Friday night load up at with happy hour, nice live tunes and great fodder.

Saturday morning pre ride coffee meeting at , with no Ryno or The Mayor as they did not want to ride an extra 4 km down the hill.

Julie & Craig’s clown like yellow fluro booties and gear met their match witrh the pink poon on the Great Ocean Road.

 Ryno (after over the years letting the Victorians know that the SA’s are great group riders) decided to ride to Lorne with Russ, leaving the others dumbfounded. Extreme arrogance.

The weather was great all the way to Lorne to the next meeting point for coffee at . Livio returned home probably due to the lack of pace – one Victorian down.

Finally a regrouping and it was mayhem at Mt Defiance with all the buses.In Ryno tradition it started to pour and by the time we reached Kennet it was saturation. Therefore this meant a stop at Wye River for an ale or 2.

The Mayor and Kathy battled hard for the KOM, Kathy the only rider to go the full distance so therefore hands down winner! 

Jason E finally caught us at the pub but decided to go on further – WTF it was pissing down!

Seafood was slammed at Lorne Pier Restaurant before the race back to Anglesea. The Mayor smashed it, Ryno didn’t make it. Took the car instead! Officially a dnf – Rooters down one (oh sorry, you were previously axed, so Free Agents down one)

A regrouping was held at the Anglesea Life Saving Club for a nice meal and some awards :

Fastest downhill Award- Jimmy
Gentleman’s Award – Craig
Non Group Rider Award & “Still Reaching” Award – Ryno
Booby Socks Award – Julie “I would never wear those!”
See you up Top Award – Jason E sprewking about his climbing skills but giving a red flag to Pauly and Russ
Millenium Cycles Award for political correctness – Pauly
Make it Rain Award – KY
Ryno’s  “I am am really sorry I kicked that wheel and caused you to crash and end up in hospital ” Award – Russ with a replacement Nando’s jersey
King (Queen) of the Mountain – early points sealed the deal, strong all day and totally out smarted The Mayor 
Day 2 : Anglesea – Lorne – Benwerrin – Lorne – Anglesea 101 kms
Teamcnut riders : KY, Pauly, Brendo, Jason E & The Mayor
Rooters : Craig, Julie &, Kathy
Not Even a Free Agent : Ryno

Ryno said “one of the great days of riding”. Well yes it was.

It was Red Kite again for a de briefing with Brendo coming in for Livio. James was out of the team due to knee soreness and maybe heartburn from the night before.

For once the crew were together until Lorne for another stop at The Pavilion to fuel up for the Erskine Falls climb.

There was some traffic on the climb but the scenery was beautiful. Very little group riding here with Pauly and Jason E off the front and Brendo suffering with his man flu at the rear. He told his wife he was going to turn at Lorne. Trouble coming.

The turn off to the falls was ignored and it was time to get the Rooter’s Gucci machines dirty. Pauly was frothing at this stage. It was an adventure into the unknown and after another debriefing at the top of the climb after some dirt, and after a beer it was time to push forward. The Mayor wanted to turn back because he was freezing and because he was scared (no choice for you), and Julie explained that her Cervelo does not do dirt. Brendo also jumped into James Panza Division Commodore and looked a sorry soul. You should have turned back Brendo like you promised! Rooters down one, teamcnut down 1.

The dirt section to Benwerrin was as good as it gets, no cars (apart from James spinning the wheels to cover us in crap), absolute silence and great scenery. 

We all know the road from Benny to Lorne and no pedalling was necessary, except that it was like a race!

A quick lunch in Lorne, with Brendo taking off by himself because he was now 3 hours late only to bust his chain. Jimmy to the rescue as he drove him back to Anglesea.

A very nice tail wind as we arrived at Airey’s pub for a beer or 2, and some Greek action as one of the young waiters tripped over in front of us. Ryno “you better do something about that fringe!”

11 kms to go and it was a cruise all the way.

Final briefing as at the Anglesea Golf Club that night for an indoor putting contest. Nice win Craig!

A fantastic weekend was had by all for the second FREEZE ROOTER
Thanks to the SAs who traveled all the way from Adelaide and to the local and non-local Victorians.
It’s going to be hard to top that Sunday ride but we will find a way.
Looking forward to catching up again at the TDU in January and this time next year.

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