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Welcome to our CNUT Website

Welcome to the site of the cycling "team" known as Team C-Nut.

This started off as a group of 2 in the year 2000, has has grown to a membership of over 60.

It's a group of friends that love cycling, enjoy each other's company, and who don't need to be hero on the the road.

Other groups don't rate us, and we don't want to be rated.

Our ethos is :

1. You are what you are - no pretentious poons
2. If someone needs to pull their head in, they will understand when told
3. Shaved legs optional, hair is good.
4. No need to wear team kit, no need to wear anything, lycra is optional, we just don't care what you wear riding with us.
5. Always talk to the rider next to you, they are human, life is too short to argue about half wheeling.
6. Coffee & dim sims are recognised as the mid ride choice for sustenance.
7. Beer and Spritz are recognised as the drink of choice, post ride, recovery drinks are not.
8. No need to own a 5 figure bike, we rate them, but all bikes are welcomed.
9. If you use Strava, congratulations, most of us don't.
10. Group riding - we test each other, and understand where we fit in. 
11. We are dedicated to looking after each other, on and off the bike. There is always some shite going on!

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Farkin' way too serious Bro - Archie ripping at Forrest

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